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Custom Designs of Glass Donor Walls 

Looking to have a custom donor wall designed with glass?

Glass donor walls can can be created to showcase art work artistic designs as well as honoring and recognizing donors. With glass logos and donors can float on the walls, provide an abstract design or to match with growing historical or donors names.

Examples of Custom Designed Glass Donor Walls / Memorial Walls

Combining glass and wood in the design of a donor wall incorporates tradition and modern design.

"Glass Images" donor wall was designed to provide a display of artwork along side recognition plates without appearing busy or distracting.
photo of Glass Images donor wall showcasing art work.

"Glass Wave" donor wall was designed with glass plaques laid out to form a wave against the wood panel background.

photo of Glass Wave donor wall with wood background.
"Curves" donor wall has panels of glass with curved mahogany accent shapes.
photo of the Curves glass donor wall with wood accents.


To view more donor walls with glass and other design elements, click here for the Donor Wall Gallery.

Contact W & E Baum to discuss using glass in your donor wall design.

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