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Artistic Donor Walls  

W & E Baum specializes in custom artistic donor recognition walls. Our craftsmen are recognition specialists who create unique, artistic donor wall designs. The donor wall designs can be added to inside or outside building walls or free standing walls can be created.

Designs can memorialize founding members or events or recognize donors of annual capital campaigns. Donor Trees are popular for donor wall designs with add-a-name features. Bricks and tiles can also be used to provide don recognition on the floors.

Please review the online Donor Wall Galleries for:

Secular Donor Walls

Secular Donor Trees

Synagogue Donor Walls

Synagogue Donor Trees of Life

Christian / Church / Catholic Donor Walls

Church related Donor Trees of Life

Donor Wall Design Materials

W & E Baum can design a donor wall with a variety of materials to create a theme or match the current decor. Materials suitable for indoor or outdoor wall designs can be discussed during the initial consultation. Many of the W & E Baum designs include materials such as:

  • Acrylics, Laminets and Plexiglass
  • Metals, popular metals are aluminum, brass, bronze and copper
  • Bricks and Tiles
  • Corian®
  • Glass is used to create floating panels, to etched donor levels and incorporate photos and digital solutions
  • Stone including Jerusalem stone are used in indoor and outdoor recognition wall designs
  • Video - digital solutions can be incorporated into donor recognition designs
  • Woods - cherry, mahogany, maple, oak and exotic woods

Online Donor Wall Galleries

W & E Baum has created an online gallery of some of our custom donor wall designs.

Secular Donor Wall Gallery - Indoor and outdoor custom donor wall designs utilize a variety of materials to match the corporate image, the decor or to create a theme wall. Donor walls have been designed for corporations, organizations for children, as well as many other unique donor wall ideas for hospitals, colleges and universities and a wide variety of not-for-profits are all custom designed. Please also view our Donor Trees of Life Gallery, many are sized as a donor wall.

Synagogue Donor Wall Gallery - Created in both English and Hebrew, these designs reflect add-a-name campaigns and founding families in a variety of materials including theme designs for Jerusalem Stone. The women of valor donor wall designs honor women in our synagogue, business or organization. Also view our Synagogue Donor Trees of Life Gallery and other Synagogue related recognition and memorial products.

Church Related Donor Wall Gallery - W & E Baum is proud of our theme donor recognition walls for Christian religious institutions. Please also view our Church Donor Trees of Life Gallery and other Church related recognition and memorial products.

Donor Wall Catalog

To request a printed W & E Baum donor wall catalog, click here and select "donor wall catalog" on the form submission.

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Contact W & E Baum to discuss your artistic Donor Wall needs.

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