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Electronic Recognition Walls & Memorials 

The latest donor recognition wall designs and memorial wall designs incorporate digital technology to provide an engaging, interactive experience. Interactive donor walls feature remote back-end access whereas Digital Display walls are designed for access via local computers. All include touch-screens and multimedia presentations. The memorials and recognition LCD displays are beautifully incorporated with static designs in various materials such wood, glass, acrylic, Corian and stone.

Interactive Donor Walls

Features: Touch screen LCD displays mounted on walls for donor recognition, memorials, or special event announcements. Multimedia presentations available with images, text and video.

Benefits: Visitor interaction, Simple updates for donor names on annual campaigns, Admin via remote access, Easy update of multimedia presentations; bio, events, history, capital campaigns, images, and videos. No need to purchase annual donor recognition plaques.
interactive donor wall display on a 4-sided pillar

Digital Display Donor Walls

Features: LCD displays mounted on static walls designed for donor recognition, memorials and events.

Benefits: Back-end administration on local computer, Easy uploads with USB drive, and no need to purchase new donor plaques.
digital display wall with static donor wall design and LCD monitor

Interactive Memorial Boards

Features: Touch-screen LCD displays mounted on a kiosk or wall

Benefits: Easy back-end administration to update names and dates
interactive memorial boards in a kiosk


To view more donor walls click here for the Donor Wall Gallery.

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