Interactive Yahrzeit Memorial Board

Eternal Remembrance:

For nearly 100 years, W&E Baum has offered the latest in Yahrzeit Memorial Board design and operation to benefit synagogues and their congregates. Now, W&E Baum is pleased to announce the latest evolution in a state-of-the-art Interactive Yahrzeit Memorial Board. Click here to view the Interactive Yahrzeit Memorial Board Gallery.



  • Delivers a modern experience while preserving tradition
  • Adapts to your input and needs
  • Attractive, customizable, easy to use
  • Worry-free support, maintenance, and backup
  • Gives you the innovative edge your members desire


  • offers unrivaled presentation flexibility on a touch screen display
  • may be incorporated into traditional and modern designs
  • quickly and easily find relatives’ and friends’ names using a searchable alphabetized index
  • offers names in English and Hebrew
  • Stores personal profiles, photographs, and achievements of listed individuals
  • Provides linked family trees
  • Strengthens young congregates’ knowledge and appreciation of their family’s legacy and history
  • Conveniently updated and maintained from the comfort of the synagogue office using a web-based management system.
  • Option to disable touch function for Shabbat and holidays.